About us

About us

Our main business is the worldwide supply of spare parts for classic Benelli motorcycles. Furthermore, we are of course the official partner for Benelli motorcycles of the new generation. Along with the new Benelli's we have used vehicles on offer.

Classic Benelli's in various states are also located in our warehouse, where we can offer of rusty broken up but also restored and partially restored Benelli's requests feel welcome.


From 50cc to 900ccm single cylinder to six-cylinder is all there, 250 tons of original spare parts and also reproductions.


A comprehensive private museum, which houses about 100 motorcycles, is also in our office and can be viewed during business hours, as well as Saturdays and Sundays are by appointment visits possible.

For more information please visit our German side under www.benelli-bauer.de

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E-Mail: benelli-bauer-shop@t-online.de